The heart is a volcano, dangerous when it is active, and unattractive when it is not extinct. – Louis Dumur

The heart, like a volcano, is impetuous, capricious. Atitlàn can be dangerous as well as wonderful.
It is impulsive, wild, but graceful.
Majestically solitary, it shines surrounded by a luxuriant, beautiful and abundant nature.
Its land is fertile, here everything is reborn, lives and grows.
To the smell too, an exotic journey is promised. First scent in Madagascar with a sweet perfume of Ylang Ylang.
At the heart of the olfactory adventure, a complex and soothing blend: the mimosa is associated with patchouli and the warmth of amber leading to a sunset base, where musk, Bourbon vanilla, white wood and Benzyl salicylate radiate endlessly.

Powdery chypre floral fragrance

Top note : Ylang Ylang from Madagascar
Heart notes: Mimosa, Patchouli, Amber
Base notes: Musk, Bourbon Vanilla, White Wood, Benzyl Salicylate