Divin Part


I like to know that everything that is not impossible ends up happening.

Why everything rather than nothing?

Close your eyes and go back in time. In this inconceivable immensity, all that is not impossible finally happens, and in an unheard-of flash, matter was.

A fundamental, luminescent particle, made of azure, vermeil and gold, springs forth. Imagine its beauty, its irresistible power of attraction. It attracts all those floating in the great quantum vacuum. She binds them together, in a tiny fraction of a second, then faints. It was the Boson of higgs, the particle of God. The right answer to the wrong questions. Life is not a miracle.

Head: Saffron, Cardamom
Heart: Ambrette, Labdanum, Cedar
Bottom: Incense, Cashmeran, Musk

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